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High-grade Slimline Tanks in Queensland

In today's market slimline tanks are quickly becoming the latest trend for suburban house blocks. Taking up less room and being sleek and slim, they can simply fit where other bigger tanks will not. However, unfortunately most slimline tanks will not stand the test of time compared to a round tank. 

Rain Again Tanks have designed a unique modern slimline tank option, Slim-Mate. 
The Slim-mate is a modular slimline option giving you the versatility to achieve bigger volume options with endless design and benefit features.

Slim-Mate Benefits

* Cheaper than your average 5000ltr Slimline
* Double the warranty period (20yrs total)
*Quick and easy to install with standard fittings included
* Can link multiple tanks together to achieve a bigger volume
* Moulded in 2 pieces (W.H.O.S friendly - can be moved by 1 person) 
* Proven to outlast your average slimline tank 


Some of our slimline tanks in Queensland


* Stainless Steel Meshed Strainer and Bonus Light Guard
* 90mm Meshed Overflow Kit 
* Brass Outlet and flexible hose link
* Brass Outlet and cap
* Brass Outlet and Ball Valve
* 20yr Full Cover Warranty (not pro-rata)
* Free Delivery to most areas in QLD

$50.00 off any of our Pump Range (RRP) 
$50.00 off our Polymate Products Range (RRP) 

Terms and Conditions apply 

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