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Quality Poly Rainwater Tanks in Queensland




Poly water tanks in Queensland
Small Poly Rainwater Tanks 
 200gal (890ltr) to 660gal (3000ltr)
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Medium Poly Rainwater Tanks 
 1100gal (5000ltr) to 3500gal (15,800ltr)
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Large Poly Rainwater Tanks 
5000gal (22,700ltr) to 7000gal (31,800ltr)
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A trusted name for honesty and old fashioned service, Rain Again Tanks are Queensland's number one choice for all your rainwater tank requirements. 
Rain Again Tanks offer a diverse range of water storage solutions, for both domestic and rural. With a growing product range, Rain Again Tanks have tank sizes from as small as 200gal (890ltr) to as large as 7000gal (31,800ltr). With Poly Slimline Rainwater Tank options and Under Eave Tank options, Rain Again Tanks have water solutions for those small tight space areas for most domestic town properties and our 5000gal (22,700ltr) Super Squat Poly Rainwater Tank with it's low set inlet height is the ideal tank for rural property homes. Whether you depend 100% on rainwater for your home, or choice to use rainwater for garden and irrigation, Rain Again Tanks offer only the best quality tanks in today's market, with a warranty and quality assurance that cannot be matched. 
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Australian Standards and Certification relevent to Rainwater Tank 
AS/NZS 4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water 
– this is the main standard any rainwater tank product should comply with and be certified for. It ensures the requirements have been met for the suitability of rainwater tanks for use with potable water. This standard also applies to items such as pipes and fittings that will come into contact with your drinking water.

AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals
 – this standard specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of polyethylene storage tanks to reliably store water and chemical solutions under normal atmospheric conditions. You should only purchase polyethylene tanks from manufacturers independently certified to this standard.

AS 2070 Plastics materials for food contact use 
– this standard is relevant, but really secondary to AS/NSZ 4020 since it doesn’t apply to the final tank product, but only any plastic materials (resins, granules and powders) used for manufacturing. It describes procedures to be followed during the various stages of processing by manufacturers of plastics items for food contact.



Rain Again Tanks offer a FREE delivery to most areas in Queensland. 
With our fleet of Queensland Transporters, our delivery service is fast, professional and reliable. Our highly experienced drivers have over 20yrs experience delivering Poly Rainwater Tanks and you can be assure are the best in the business. 
Some of our poly water tanks in Queensland
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