Polymate Products


Custom Manufacturing of Poly Products for Australian Industries

Rain Again Tanks are proud to offer such a large range of Poly Rotational Moulded Products throughout Australia. 

All our products are designed and engineered to the highest quality, built exceeding the industry standard and made from our factory right here in Queensland. This means when you buy or shop "POLYMATE" you are supporting and buying from a 100% family owned and operated Australian Business.

Polymate are the leading manufacturer for Poly RV Water, Diesel and Greywater Tanks, Poly ATV Products, Poly Garden Products, Poly Marine Products and Poly Farming Products. 

Each and every product  is made from the highest Australian Grade material, containing the highest UV Rating and 100% safe for potable (drinking) water. With higher impact resistance to most materials, Polymate products are robust and durable and are one of the strongest and most reliable products in today's market. 

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